Te Matau a Māui - our Waka

Te Matau a Māui (the fish-hook of Māui) is named after the Hawke’s Bay area where, in legend Māui foul-hooked the North Island with the jawbone of his grandmother.

Te Matau a Māui combines traditional and modern technology. It is based on a traditional ‘Tipairua’ Polynesian waka design and incorporates ecotechnology, with solar panels powering the auxiliary engines. The waka can run a traditional Polynesian sailing rig as well as a standard Bermuda rig. The average speed is 7 knots.

Waka Specifications

Type: Waka hourua (double-hulled sailing waka)
Length: 72.2 ft / 22 m
Width: 21.3 ft / 6.5 m
Draft: 2.2 ft / 0.7 m
Weight: 13 tonne
Sail Area: 1033 ft 2 / 96 m 2
Sleeps: 16 people
Hulls: E -Glass & Epoxy Resin
Structure: Wood
Steering: Hoe uringi (Steering paddle)
Aux Engines: 2x 10 kW Pod motors
Power: 8x Solar panels - 1900W peak
Batteries: 2x 48 LiPo batteries - 15.5 kW